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20 Breaths (2024) 

Sextet of Trumpet, Horn, Trombone, Violin, Cello, Piano

First performed by Emily Anderson, Lily Harwood, Radu Stoica, Katie Bannister, Pau Hernandez, Amadea Daizely Gaist, Amarylis Fleming Concert Hall, Royal College of Music, 11th February 2024

Resonances for GGS (2022)

16 players divided into 6 Groups

Students from the RCM, in St Mary Abbots Church, Kensington London, 22nd September 2022

Lucier Clock (2021)

12 players spread out in a large space

First performed by Explore Ensemble and students from the RCM in the entrance atrium of the Royal College of Music 12th February 2022

Revelries (2021)

3 – 5 players (variable instrumentation and duration)

First performed by Heloise Werner, Colin Alexander and Kit Downes St John’s Smith Square 3rd July 2021.


Prose Pieces II: Outside In (2020-21)

silent pieces


Hidden Corners (2019 - 20) c.20’ –

violin, viola or cello. First performed by Nathanael Gubler at Jerusalem Academy of Dance and Music in January 2021.



Templum (2019 - 20) c.40’


Commissioned by Alastair Stout and first performed by him in Grace Church, Rutland Vermont, USA in January 2021.



A Passing Moment (2019) c.8’

viola and cello

Commissioned by the Deal Festival and first performed by Jenny Ames and Colin Alexander on 4th July 2019 at St Andrew’s Church, Deal.



Ascending Circles (2015-18) c.50 ‘

solo violin, viola or cello.


50 Florentine Breaths (2017) c.14’

flute with amplification

Commissioned by Sara Minelli with first live performance at Italian Cultural Institute, London 18th June 2018.



13 Verses (2017) c.10’

soprano and three cellos

Commissioned by Tre Voci and first performed by them with soprano Silje Aker Johnsen at the ICA, London on 3rd December 2017.



Prose Pieces I: Inside Out (2012-16)

variable length and instrumentation


A Book of Melodies (2016-)

solo instrument/voice

Walls Have Mouths (2015) 5 – 20’

voices, flutes, bowed guitar and double bass

Commissioned by Spun Through Shadows Festival and first performed by the composer with the RCM free Improvisation Ensemble at the Royal Academy of Arts, London in June 2015.


Mamitu (2014) c.9’

viola, 2 cellos and tubular bells

First performed at Lime Wharf, East London 4th December 2014.



Menhir (2014 rev.2021) 10 – 15’

saxophone quartet

First performed by the Fukio Saxophone Quartet at St Leonard’s Church, Shoreditch on 11th November 2013.

Listen (2014 version)


14 Pianos (2013) c. 10’

14 pianos

First performed as part of the Great Exhibitionists Festival at the Royal College of Music in June 2013.


Nudanadanu (2013) c.16’


First performed by the Mercury Quartet at the Forge, Camden 12th March 2013.



Anuras (2013 rev.2021) 10 – 15’

soprano and three cellos

First performed by Silje Aker Johnsen with Tre Voci at Nu:Nord Festival, Lime Wharf. London January 2014.

Listen (2014 version)

Djimbala (2013) c.10’


First performed by the composer at Stour Road, Hackney Wick 4th May 2013.



Nadanu (2012) c.8’


First performed by the Explore Ensemble in the Parry Rooms of the Royal College of Music, 24th April 2012.



Giri kur dab (2012) c.14’
cello + percussion
Colin Alexander – cello / Jonathan Cole - percussion
Amaryllis Fleming Concert Hall, Royal College of Music, London 5th May 2012. (Published by Ricordi, London)


Unveiled Litanies (2012) c.15’

flute/clarinet/oboe/bassoon/horn/percussion/2 violins/viola/cello/double bass.

First performed by the New Perspectives Ensemble conducted by Tim Lines at the Amaryllis Fleming Concert Hall, Royal College of Music June 2012.



Quorum (2010) 19’


Co-composed with Colin Alexander.                                                    

Commissioned by the London Contemporary Orchestra and first performed at the Old Vic Tunnels, London, August 2010.


Finding Marking Erasing (2010) c.10’

cello and percussion

Commissioned by the G Project and first performed by Gabriella Swallow cello and Genevieve Wilkins percussion at the Forge, Camden 15th April 2010.


Ash Relics (2010) c.17’
fl. dbl. swanee whistle/

Commissioned by the Ossian Ensemble and first performed by them at the Amaryllis Fleming Concert at the Royal College of Music June 2010. (Published by Ricordi, London)


burburbabbar za (2008-09) 30’
1 female voice / 2 males voices / 2 percussion / string trio / amplification
Commissioned and premiered by London Contemporary Orchestra
Village Underground, London 27th June 2009. (Published by Ricordi, London)


Simulacrum (2008 rev.2011) 12 – 14’


First performed by Robert Ames at Village Underground, London 27th June 2009.


Tss’k’haa (2008) c.4’

baritone with balloon

Commissioned by NMC and first performed by Roderick Williams at King’s Place, London August 2008 (Published by Faber).



Scrawling Out (2006) c.12'
oboe quartet
Commissioned by the Nash Ensemble. First performance with soloist Gareth Hulse at the Wigmore Hall, London 22nd March 2006. (Published by Ricordi, London)


Testament (2005) c.12'
2 Clars, 2 Trpts, 2 Perc.,
Commissioned by the Ojai Festival, Sue Knussen Commissioning Fund and the London Sinfonietta. First performance by the Ojai Festival Orchestra conducted by Brad Lubman, Ojai, USA 16th June 2005. (Published by Ricordi, London)


Penumbra (2003, revised 2004) c.13' - 2.1.1 - perc, harp, piano, strings
Commissioned by the London Symphony Orchestra with additional funds from the Britten-Pears Foundation. Premiered by the LSO conducted by George Benjamin at the Barbican Centre London - 13.2.03. Revised version first performed by the London Sinfonietta conducted by Oliver Knussen at the QEH London 2nd April 2004. (Published by Ricordi, London)

For recording get in touch

Temporale Distante (Penumbra II) (2003) 13'
4fl, 2ob, 4cl, 2 bn, 4 hn, 3 tpt, 3 tmb, tuba, perc, harp, strings
Commissioned by RAI Torino and premiered on in Torino, conducted by Pascal Rophé – 26th February 2004. (Published by Ricordi, London)


Assassin Hair (2002) 16'
mezzo sop -1/afl.picc.1.1/bcl.1/cbsn - perc. hp.-
Commissioned by the BBC and premiered by the London Sinfonietta conducted by Oliver Knussen with Jean Rigby (mezzo) at QEH 16th May 2002. (Published by Ricordi, London)

For recording get in touch

Marble Arch 4.30 (2000) 7'
string trio
Commissioned by Music Past and Present and premiered by Chamber Domaine at Jackson's Lane, London – 20th February 2000. (Published by Ricordi, London)

Demon Turn (1999) c.11’

(First movement of Ouroboros II) (Published by Ricordi, London)

For recording get in touch


Cracked Whispers (1999) 21’

violin and piano

Collaboration with choreographer Eva Recacha Garcia.

First performance Joanna Archard violin and Jonathan Cole piano. The Place Theatre London December 1999.


Caught (1998) 7'
flute, clarinet, piano, vibraphone, viola, cello
Commissioned by the Brighton Festival and premiered by the Composer's Ensemble at St Nicholas Church, Brighton 16th May 1998. (Published by Ricordi, London)


Crocodile (1997) c.6'

bass clarinet

First performance by Peter Cornish at BMIC, London 1997.

Quicksilver (1997) 10'
two Bb clars. (2nd dbl. Bass) piano and 1 perc.
Commissioned by the Oxford Contemporary Music Festival. First performance by the OFCM Ensemble conducted by Stefan Asbury at the Jaqueline Du Pre Concert Hall, Oxford 25th October 1997. (Published by Ricordi, London)


Sorful Ter (1997) 7'

soprano and piano

First performance by Cara McHardy (Soprano) accompanied by the composer, Tracy Chadwell Memorial Concert at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama 19th September 1997. (Published by Ricordi, London)

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