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Walls Have Mouths (2015) 5 – 20’

voices, flutes, bowed guitar and double bass

Commissioned by Spun Through Shadows Festival and first performed by the composer with the RCM Free Improvisation Ensemble at the Royal Academy of Arts, London in June 2015.

Mamitu (2014) c.9’

viola, 2 cellos and tubular bells

First performed at Lime Wharf, East London 4th December 2014.


Menhir (2014 rev.2021) 10 – 15’

saxophone quartet

First performed by the Fukio Saxophone Quartet at St Leonard’s Church, Shoreditch on 11th November 2013.

Listen (2014 version)

14 pianos (2013) c. 10’

14 pianos

Commissioned by Antoine Francois and first performed as part of the Great Exhibitionists Festival at the Royal College of Music in June 2013.

Nudanadanu (2013) c.16’


Commissioned by the Mercury Quartet and first performed by them at the Forge, Camden 12th March 2013.


Nadanu (2012) c.8’


First performed by the Explore Ensemble in the Parry Rooms of the Royal College of Music, 24th April 2012.


Ash Relics (2010) c.17’
fl. dbl. swanee whistle/

Commissioned by the Ossian Ensemble and first performed by them at the Amaryllis Fleming Concert at the Royal College of Music June 2010. (Published by Ricordi, London)


Scrawling Out (2006) c.12' 

oboe quartet

Commissioned by the Nash Ensemble. First performance with soloist Gareth Hulse at the Wigmore Hall, London 22nd March 2006. (Published by Ricordi, London) 



Marble Arch 4.30 (2000) 7' 

string trio

Commissioned by Music Past and Present and premiered by Chamber Domaine at Jackson's Lane, London – 20th February 2000. (Published by Ricordi, London)

Caught (1998) 7' 

flute, clarinet, piano, vibraphone, viola, cello 

Commissioned by the Brighton Festival and premiered by the Composer's Ensemble at St Nicholas Church, Brighton 16th May 1998. (Published by Ricordi, London) 



Quicksilver (1997) 10'

two Bb clars. (2nd dbl. Bass) piano and 1 perc.

Commissioned by the Oxford Contemporary Music Festival. First performance by the OFCM Ensemble conducted by Stefan Asbury at the Jaqueline Du Pre Concert Hall, Oxford 25th October 1997. (Published by Ricordi, London)                                                                                   

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