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Templum / Ash Relics / Menhir

Available here


50 Florentine Breaths 

Available here

Tss’k’haaAvailable here


Testament - Available here


Caught - Available here

Hidden Corners - Nathanael Gubler - Viola

Templum - Anian Wiedner - Organ

50 Florentine Breaths - Pietro Doronzo - Flute/ Nicola Monopoli - Electronics

A Passing Moment - Simona Gurău, viola  Cătălin Boancăș, cello 

Giri Kur Dab - Colin Alexander, cello, Jonathan Cole, percussion

Ash Relics - New Perspectives Ensemble

Discussion with Riccardo Piacentini on ecology and sound

Music and Architecture - lecture at Gresham's College from June 2007

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